The Bauhaus Art Movement: A Brief History

Bauhaus was a powerful art and design movement that started in 1919 in Weimar, Germany. The art movement inspired teachers and students to persevere their crafts commonly in design studios and workshops. Introduction The Bauhaus had an extraordinarily impressive and lasting impact on the 20th century. It was a reaction to the severe conformism of…

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The History of Contemporary Art: What You Need to Know

Contemporary Art (1970–present)

The Truth About Contemporary Art Contemporary art is the new art of the modern age, created in the past half-century or so, or at least that is what the critics have to say. Contemporary artists work within a technologically evolving, globally influenced, and culturally diverse world. The fact that many artists have had to overcome…

A Brief History of Ancient Art: What We Know and When We Know It

Ancient Art (4,000 B.C.–A.D. 400)

What is Ancient and Ancient Art? Ancient Egypt, also known as the Ancient World, is one of the most fascinating and unique civilizations to have ever walked the face of the earth. Although it had been conquered many times over by different cultures, it maintained its independence, even though much of its territory was under…

The History of Minimalism: The Story Behind the Movement

Minimalism (1960s–1970s)

Minimalism In art, music, film, and other cultural arenas, minimalism has been an artistic movement that originated in the post-World War II American art scene, most notably in the United States art of abstract expressionism, including the work of Andy Warhol. It was most prominently in British art, especially in the UK art of the…

The History of Pop Art: An Interesting Journey From Andy Warhol to Now

Pop Art (1950s–1960s)

The Impact of Pop on Modern Art Pop art is a popular art movement that emerged in the U.K. and the U.S. during the late-1940s and early-1950s. The movement featured a challenge to traditional fine art disciplines by incorporating images from popular culture, including comic books, pop songs, and ordinary mass-produced commercial objects. The resulting…

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Op Art’s Short History: How It Started and What It Is

Op Art (1950s–1960s)

What Does an Op Art Photograph Entail? Op art, short for ‘op art photography’ is a particular photographic art style that uses optical illusions to make the viewer look at images in a different light. The word ‘op’ comes from ‘optical,’ which means ‘with lenses.’ In this case, this means that objects are presented in…

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Masterpieces of Surrealism: A Brief History of Surrealist Art

Surrealism (1916–1950)

What is Surrealism and Surrealist Art? Surrealism has often been described as the artistic movement in which imagery is used to bring to light the world that seems to be out of place, sometimes bizarre and sometimes realistic, in our everyday lives. Surrealism is an artistic style that has evolved in many modern art areas. It…

Cubism (1907–1914)

Cubism (1907–1914)

What is Cubism and Cubism Art? Cubism art is an experimental art style that evolved in Paris during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Cubism was the first art movement to introduce various geometric shapes in art forms such as painting, sculpture, music, and printmaking. It was founded by Pablo Picasso and was one…

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Impressionism (1865–1885)

Impressionism (1865–1885)

Learn About Impressionism Impressionism was a movement of art that sought to achieve realism by using a technique that involved painting objects with only the tip of the brush. Impressionism was initially developed in France by Impressionist painters during the last decade of the nineteenth century. Impressionism was a movement of art that was influenced by…

Realism (1848–1900)

What is Realism and Realism Art? Many people have said that realism is not art, but it could very well be the opposite. Realism art is a form of artwork that is based on reality but has artistic elements. An excellent example of this would be paintings based on architecture, such as pictures of churches…

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